Eric Williams Memorial Collection 2008

To commemorate the first decade of the Eric Williams Memorial Collection 1998 – 2008, and showcase its educational activism and scholarship advocacy throughout the Caribbean and its Diaspora.

The EWMC is the Anglophone Caribbean’s first-ever research library, archive and museum. It is dedicated to promoting scholarship through the optic that, as Shakespeare wrote, ‘past is prologue.’

Inaugurated by former US Secretary of State Colin Powell in 1998, the EWMC was named to UNESCO’s unique documentary heritage listing in 1999, the Memory of the World Register.

We created an Invitation of State that was sent to a ‘Who’s Who’ list of influencers across the Caribbean-wide Diaspora.

To initiate the celebration, we showcased the ‘Decade of Achievement’ with an exclusive guided tour through the EWMC Museum. A dinner presentation hosted at the University of the West Indies (St. Augustine) President’s Residence followed.

Relator, famed Calypsonian and the event’s MC, engaged the audience in both Trinidad and Tobago’s indigenous art form known as picong – the quick, convivial island wit Dr. Williams so loved – and the islands’ calypso musical heritage.

We debuted History Provides The Blueprint about the life of Dr. Eric E. Williams, and the legacy of the EWMC’s decade of activities. Subsequently, it became an award-winning documentary.

The President of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago, The Hon. Professor George Maxwell Richards, addressed the audience, in addition to scholars, historians and the student scholarship winner.

Funds received for the EWMC exceeded US $80K.

Our documentary, History Provides the Blueprint, won two international awards: the ‘2009 Videographer’s Award of Excellence’, and the ‘2009 Ava Gold Award.’


View the EWMC Decade of Achievement Book, 1998-2008.