Botswana – The Exchange of Spirit Links Our Humanity

Published on July 2015 in

Photo Credit: Wilderness Safaris


“A trip, a safari, an exploration – each is an entity different from all other journeys.  

A journey is a person in itself: no two are alike.

 We find after years of struggle that we do not take a trip: a trip takes us.”

                                                  –  John Steinbeck –

Safaris sweep us into their world of raw beauty, infinite awe and delicious discoveries.  We may witness a furry lion cub’s paw at play with other cubs or hear a three-ton rhinoceros snort a warning. Safaris provide this observation post into the world of African wildlife.

This travel opportunity allows us to enter into something rare and to escape something routine. It can guarantee that the traveller’s arena of reference will be challenged, while it will expose each of us to a fresh glimmer of our true inner self. All that is required is to be awake and sensitive so one can tap into what it is that fresh glimmer reveals.

This new awareness will unfold into mindfulness – about our interactions with both animals and humans – which in turn will reveal volumes about us. The exchange of spirit links our humanity.

Safaris introduce us to new languages, landscapes and locations. Also lions, of course. Lemurs, too.  And this is the set-up for the best safari gift of all: how we can be transported from the everyday to the outrageously exceptional.

Once snuggly back home and far from the African bush’s predator v. prey, the safari’s texture will return and be seen, heard, felt, tasted and sensed, yet again. We will understand how, as Steinbeck wisely states, that such a trip takes us.